Education abroad — the way to success!

Education abroad with BEC Dnepropetrovsk company (Educational Expert)

«British Educational Company» — is Ukrainian company whose main specialty is education abroad. For more than 12 years our professional team helps Ukrainian students to get a good education, starting with choosing the place to study and ending with the design of the whole trip to the selected destination. All you have to do is buy a lucky ticket to a successful future. After all, education abroad is the way to success!


«British Educational Company» is the official representative in Ukraine of foreign educational institutions, including leading language schools, private boarding schools, colleges and universities in Europe, America and other continents.

Sometimes, it is thought that studying abroad is a luxury. In fact, studying abroad can be affordable for many student. Everyone who wants to get successful career realize, that achieving this goal is almost impossible without decent education. Knowledge is the basis of any endeavor, and it must be acquired continuously throughout life.

Educational institutions abroad have long been a worthy alternative to traditional Ukrainian education. Many conscious Ukrainian parents from the earliest years of their kids prepare them  for admission to foreign schools and colleges. Seasonal language camps in England, Switzerland, Canada, the USA and other countries are best for this purpose.

The office of the British Educational Company will find an educational institution that will meet all customers’ requirements, wishes and capabilities.

The main thing that is required for a future student is a desire and aspiration to receive a diploma from a foreign university, college or school. It is important to see the goal clearly and move confidently in the chosen direction.


Wide choice of educational programs:

  • Seasonal language camps for children
  • Sports camps for children
  • Language courses for teenagers and adults
  • Language programs for the whole family
  • Home Tuition — learning a foreign language and living at home with a teacher
  • Secondary education in private schools and colleges
  • Preparation for international exams TOEFL, IELTS, TestDaF, DELE and others
  • Preparation for universities (foundation, A-level)
  • Higher education (bachelor’s, master’s)
  • Business programs for business people
  • English for executives
  • MBA and Pre-MBA